The Great Disruption

The topic of disruptive innovation is one that caught my eye a few years ago as I ponder the direction of our Government-led human spaceflight endeavor and a future involving commercial space.  To help bring home the case that disruptive innovation is all around us, over on is this infographic about disruptive technologies that most of you have encountered in your daily lives.  Look at technologies on this infographic from the perspective of disruptive innovation, and ask yourself this question: what are the corresponding disruptive innovations for human spaceflight?

Personal Technology Infographic

Source: FrugalDad

The Great Disruption

2 thoughts on “The Great Disruption

  1. billgamesh says:

    Well this is an easy one- atomic bomb propulsion is the great disruption that was never realized.

    I believe the need for a massive radiation shield of at least 500 tons and tether generated artificial gravity- along with bomb propulsion- will eventually drive spaceship design.
    We are just too tunnel visioned so far. Stan Ulam had it right.

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