“The layers of multitasking can run very deeply in our daily lives”
–Mitch Thrower






Tomorrow is the scheduled launch of Atlantis on mission STS-125, the final servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope.  This marks the fifth such mission to repair and upgrade Hubble since its initial launch on STS-31 nineteen years ago.  Many will be focused on this mission because of the fanfare surrounding Hubble itself as well as having two shuttles on the launch pad with one serving as the rescue mission should a problem arise with Atlantis.  It’s also personal for me in that I have a family friend flying on this mission, so I’ll be following the exploits closely.

Yet my day job doesn’t stop. My team and I are hosting an important event on Tuesday and Wednesday to get feedback from industry that will aid us with our strategic planning.  This is a critical event that has to occur now for us to get the information we need and for us to meet our ambitious schedule.  As hard as it is going to be, I’ll be following the mission when I can while hosting the event.  With a planned Monday launch, the rendezvous operations (which is my technical specialty) will occur Wednesday morning, right in the middle of important events.

So for me it’s a challenge in mutitasking: focusing on my choices to follow a mission in which I have great personal interest, and to host a critical event in my team’s strategic planning.

It’s an exciting time for multitasking!

On a special note, today is Mother’s Day.  I wish to send a very special thank you to my Mother for all your love and support in allowing me to pursue my dreams.  I love you, Mom!