Closure, and What’s Next?

“You always hope for closure.”
–Jerry Huffman






I see I left everyone hanging with my last blog entry.

The day after I posted my last entry (see Caught in the Middle), two key NASA executives negotiated an agreement that led to the approval of the team’s strategy for the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory and the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility.  The team and I have been working on this strategy for nine months, and it feels tremendous to get the strategy approved.


I’ve been enjoying the time since then, handing over details to the new leader who will see to the implementation of the strategy, and helping the team on an item or two, as I await word of my next assignment.

Meanwhile, I started today in my official capacity as a mentor to a young NASA engineer.  She and I had our first meeting today, and I’m looking forward to our mentoring partnership.  I shared with her my paraphrase of the Richard Feynman quote, when she asked me why I had volunteered to be a mentor: the learning process is not complete for me until I share it with someone else.

It’s going to be a nice, relaxing time as I continue to reflect and review my experiences over the last nine months, and prepare for the assignment to come.  Meanwhile, I’ll be shifting gears to write about different topics.  I’m already working on my first one.

Until then, keep on making a difference!

Closure, and What’s Next?