Exploration Flight Test-1


NASA’s next generation human spaceflight vehicle, Orion, is scheduled for its first flight test next week on Exploration Flight Test-1 (EFT-1). The un-crewed test flight of Orion is scheduled for launch on Thursday, December 4 within a two-hour launch window that opens at 7:05 AM EST, with splashdown in the Pacific Ocean about four hours later.

This flight will mark the furthest distance from Earth flown by a human spaceflight vehicle since Apollo 17 in 1972.

For more information on EFT-1 and Orion:

On a personal note, my newest assignment is tied to the human deep-space missions following EFT-1. I’ve been assigned as a core member to the integration task team within NASA that is defining the objectives for our future human deep space missions, and coordinating those objectives across the Agency. I’m also building the “supply chain” of data needed to implement those objectives in mission planning, astronaut training, and mission execution from Mission Control in Houston. I’m looking forward to EFT-1 and the challenges to come as we move forward on human spaceflight.

Exploration Flight Test-1